Infomex Technologies Ltd | IT Consulting and 1-on-1 tech coaching
Small Business IT consulting for Baltimore Area Companies and Tech coaching services for students, and individuals.
IT Consulting, Tech Coaching, Baltimore, Maryland, Smartphones
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Getting the most out of your IT investment shouldn’t be left to chance.  A review of your IT systems can save you on average thousands of dollars in future repair or service calls just by simply replacing key components at the appropriate times as preventative maintenance. Aging equipment, obsolete routers, and outdated software could be impacting your daily operations or decreasing your staff’s efficiency. We help small businesses overcome technological challenges.


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per hour

We provide Help desk and Desktop support solutions for small businesses who need service on an hourly or block-time basis. Remote & On-site assistance are available based on the task.

Some of our services include but not limited to:

– Desktop Support

– Server Support

– Mobile Device Support

– Apple Support

– Infrastructure Support

– Software Support



per session.

This service is tailored for individuals, students, and anyone who needs help navigating around that new smartphone, laptop, or other electronic device.

We can help you by :

– transferring your contacts, photos and videos from one device to another

– optimize your device’s performance (battery, speed, storage, etc.)

– discover apps to help you use your device to its fullest potential (email, browsing, games, etc.)

– connect with wireless networks and other wireless devices in and out of your home

– cloud services

– device training

– documentation/sketches on basic functions for quick reference

– data recovery

– apps

– bluetooth® devices and accessories

– computers

– printers

– routers

– TVs

– Wi-Fi

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